The Community Garden produced more than 14,000 pounds of fresh vegetables for distribution by YCAP to needy families in Yamhill County in 2016.  Our volunteers work many hours in all kind of weather to raise crops of nutritious vegetables, tending them year around.

The Garden welcomes community participation and involvement.  We are committed to helping those in need and those who want to grow their own healthy food.


Community Participation

Personal Rows
Food Pantry Production
Children's Rows

The Garden has a number of rows available for those who would like to raise their own produce - choice of 4’ by 12’, 4’ by 16’ and 4’ by 24’. There is a nominal fee for each size of row and from time-to-time, Personal Row Gardeners will be asked to volunteer time in Food Pantry Production

In coordination with McMinnville Garden Club and the YCMGA Master Gardener’s program, children plant and tend their own 4; by 4’ raised beds to learn the skills and joys of gardening.